WanderloveWanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
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"Wanderlove: each other"

I was caught by the beauty of it's cover. and the title WANDERLOVE, made me wonder.

The moment I started reading this, I felt excitement, because wandering/travelling is what I love most - to do in the future. Whilst the word Wanderlove hasn't coming out yet, I thought it should be Wanderlust. But as I got through the story, I understood its meaning.

Every page, every chapter has it's own surprises. The book made me laugh, confused, giddy, pissed, and excited. Especially Rowan and Bria's crazy adventures, the way they pissed each other, the descriptions of the people living in the suburbs, and most especially their different kind of love story. The plot of this is just so awesome, that I want to go there at the very moment I'm reading it. I've never read a book that has the same kind of story, this just felt so real and my imagination's getting bigger and bigger as I went through.

I love the way it was told differently , I especially love the way that there are drawings in it. Oh, those drawings amazed me, like I have to tell my sister "Hey, look at this, there's a drawing." and I found my self smiling every time I'm going to see a drawing. :)

This book has taught me something, Never let the pain hold you back. It applies to me at this current phase of my life, and I'm happy I picked this book to read, because it has made me realise a lot of things and I can relate to it (except the fact that I found another love).

i hope to find my wanderlove in the future. This made me love travelling more.

thank you Kirsten Hubbard for letting me wander in your imagination through the work you've done. :)

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