To be Honest

To Be HonestTo Be Honest by P.J. Young
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Disclaimer: The copy of this book (in ebook format) was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

This book, is just so sweet. You can gain knowledge whilst reading this book that you can apply in your daily life. I love this, because it has a touch of "french words" that I love to learn. :)

I didn't intend to read To Be Honest because I'm not familiar with it, to be honest. To be honest, I was bewildered because the copy of the book was given to me for free (imagine, I didn't need to pay for this.), as I read the synopsis of the book, it seemed interesting so I gave it a go.

To Be Honest by Polly J. Young, is a light, fun, sweet, and short read. This is about, family, friends, love, and other relationships that you will encounter through your entire high school life. It keeps confusing me at times, but as I go on through the story, it is worth the confusion.

I just love Lisi, that she idolises Miss Mint, but Miss Mint was actually like her who tells lies most of the time. She has her flaws, but still she can carry it and just have fun. To be honest, I love them both, even though at times they have fights because of lying, they still managed to get through with the situation and get back in their real lives.

Lisi's friends, was so adorable, especially Josh, who has a lot of responsibilities and problems but still he was able cope up with those. He's just so lovable. :")

But I was left hanging in the end, because I have no idea what happened to the characters. Yeah really, I want to know what happened to all of them. (will this have a sequel?)

To be honest, I just had a hang-over from this book, because I keep using "To be honest" here. haha. :)

I recommend this to all who loves to read short novels and a light and fun read. :

To Be Honest, Merci P.J. Young

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