Kindle or Kobo? Which is which?

So yeah. I want an ebook reader, 'cause I'm broke. I really love to have printed words than reading on an ebook reader. But sometimes, I don't really have the money to buy the books I want. So here are the things that goes into my mind, which is which..

Kindle 5th Generation
This Kindle 5th Generation, is the cheapest of all the Kindle ebook readers. This really caught my eye the first time I saw this. And I'm really planning on buying this. But it doesn't support epub files, which most of my ebooks are in that format.. I found lots of resellers of Kindle, and lots of customers are satisfied with this product.

Kobo Touch
Kobo touch. But Kobo mini was the one that caught my eye, since it's smaller than the Kindle 5th Gen (it's cute!). I think Kobo touch is better, and it also does support epub files (like Kobo Mini). I also love the back covers (free) for every purchase of this. But this isn't that "famous" for ebook reading, so I guess. I still don't know.

So I'm still wondering, what to buy...


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